What you need to consider before you buy a Gerbil

Before getting your gerbils, you need to decide precisely what you’re looking for. How many would you like? Which colours do you want? Would you prefer a male or female? Do you intend to breed them?

You will need to buy at least two Gerbils.

Anyone acquiring gerbils must obtain at least two. Solitary gerbils live shorter, unhealthy lives. They are frequently overweight and miserable. In addition, they are usually more difficult to tame and a lot less friendly in general. Gerbils are extremely sociable and don’t enjoy being on their own, unlike the Syrian hamster, for example. Even if you’re at home all day and playing with them continuously, this will not compensate for the fact that they have to sleep on their own, eat alone, and have absolutely nobody to groom them. So a companion is vital.

Females and males will get on agreeably with a partner of the same sex, particularly if they are litter-mates or have been together since they were 6 to 8 weeks old. Females are frequently a lot less stable in groups greater than two, whilst males are usually tolerant of one another in groups of 3 or more. Nevertheless, it is suggested that the typical gerbil owner acquires no more than two gerbils since the probability of fighting increases with larger groups. Under no circumstances should you mix gerbils from two different groups.

Your Obligations

Keep in mind that, just like any pet, there’s a long-term commitment. In the case of gerbils, this commitment could be as long as 4 to 5 years.

Should you be purchasing gerbils for a child, they need to be aware of precisely what they will be signing up for. You, being the grown-up, are going to have the duty of monitoring and assisting the child to make sure that the gerbil is properly looked after.

Should you choose to breed gerbils, you will have to provide sufficient space for a mating couple as well as their pups. Each and every litter of pups must have hands-on attention in order for them to become accustomed to human contact. When the pups are weaned, they need to be segregated into two different tanks, one for the males and one for the females. A female gerbil can produce a litter every 35 to 45 days. That’s ten litters a year. A litter could be from 1 to 8 pups, and should every litter consist of 4 pups, that would be 40 babies a year for you to deal with.

Please remember it is doubtful that you will get rich by breeding gerbils. Pet shops often make a loss selling gerbils but make up their profits by selling the supplies and accessories that go with them. Gerbil pups ought to be handled daily, and you might need to medicate or supplement feed too, which will take extra time and expense.