Taking Care of Baby Gerbils

Looking after baby gerbils

There are certain rules about taking care of baby gerbils. They mainly concern keeping them safe. Gerbil parents are perfectly capable of taking very good care of their babies in the initial stages. But you need to be aware and alert to certain things so that you can take adequate and suitable care of the new parents and their babies. Once you know what to look for and what to expect,  you will be able to take better care of the puppies.

Adult gerbils are excellent parents when it comes to taking care of their puppies. The puppies also depend completely on their parents in the first few weeks following their birth.  However, sometimes the parents may require your support.

Baby gerbils are known as puppies because for the first week after their birth, they look like tiny pups. Most litters have 3-9 puppies, but the number varies from one litter to another.

One of the first questions you probably want answered is when can you first hold them?

Most can be held even while they are still very tiny and fragile. You will notice that most parents don’t really bother. But if they get annoyed or aggressive give the parents plenty of other things to do to distract them. Try to interact with the baby gerbils as much as is possible. Be very careful while holding a tiny pup. They are still tiny so make sure there is something very soft for them to land on  if they fall from your grip.

Gerbil babies are normally very healthy but  there are a few  illnesses that they can suffer from. If you see any health problems take them to your vet as soon as possible.

If a gerbil baby develops respiratory problems you will hear clicking noises when it breathes. In this case take the pup to your vet right away so and get it treated. Don’t leave it without treatment or it may die.

A pup with diarrhea may have either Tyzzer’s disease or E.coli. Both are dangerous. But a proper dosage of antibiotics and rehydration will soon sort it out. Also, make sure that the other pups are not infected.

Most importantly, check whether your pup is getting enough milk.  If this is not the case, there will be certain signs: a bald patch on the back, fur not developing and he’ll be undernourished and smaller than others. In this case, put the other pups in a safe and warm place while you allow the affected pup to feed well or give it extra feeding.

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  2. I have 5 baby gerbils and I have one which has a lot of problems, he’s the only white on out of the 5 the rest of them are brown, he’s got loads of breathing difficulties thou he’s been doing really good I noticed this 2 days ago and I check on him every morning and he’s really livily thou when he’s breathing there’s a clicking sound I’ve took him to the vets and they said they can’t do anything about it, and I am hoping I can get some answers on here I don’t want anything to happen to him, he’s parents are looking after him really well and so is his brothers and sisters, I was cooching him in lastnight where he was warm and then when I put him back he seemed a lot more happier and was moving around everywhere, I had one like it before and I took him out of the cadge and put him and his mother in a separate cadge because I thought it might of been that but he passed away, is there anything I can do? Please help and thank you for taking the time to read this x

  3. My gerbil just had 5 gerbils today and the father keeps trying to mate with the mother and the mother got annoyed so is it okay to take him out and put another female in to help?

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  5. Hey everybody! I’m 11 years old and me and my sister (we’re twins) are huge animal lovers and have many, many pets, 2 American toad, 2 dogs and ,1 cat oh and I forgot to tell you 2 adult gerbils who we thought were both males….. They weren’t!!!!!! I was cleaning there cage a day ago when I heard squeaking … In the bedding!!! I dug around thinking…. We only have two gerbils!! What’s squeaking??! And then I came across 3 gerbil pups!! I instantly cleaned the cage and made a nest for the gerbil I’ve been calling a boy her entire life and put the pups in she SEEMS to trace care of them I’ve been picking them up a lot and remaking the nest until I figured out I was stressing the mother so I’m trying not to disturb them we use carefresh as bedding and toilet paper as the nest but she keeps covering the nest with bedding and more toilet paper it’s more of a cave now I’m worried that she is stressed out or she doesn’t have the right kind of setting in her cage for her and the pups I don’t want to re-arrange the cage because I would have to take them out and stress them more!!! We had to move the male to another cage so we didn’t get a THIRD litter I think she already bred with him after giving birth so should we expect more bundles of joy??…… I mostly just need to know 1. What should the cage look like. And 2. Have I stressed her out?? And 3. How common is it that the pups die or are gerbils pups really easy to care for and I’m just making a big fuss…..

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  10. I have 8 (eight) beautiful 10 week old baby gerbils that are still nursing from the Mom. They are not eating seeds. The mother is so strict. She seems to rule with an iron fist! Never lets them out of the tunnel to feed other than to nurse them. She does let them run in the wheel and play, but she doesn’t let them eat seeds. I need to adopt these little guys out. What should I do?

  11. My mommy gerbil is buying her babies under my wood chip being, is that normal?

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  14. I have two gerbils one is male and one is a baby female. We put them in the same cage today are they suppose to run and chase each other? If they do chase each other are they playing or fighting?

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