How to Clean a Gerbil Cage

Cleaning gerbil cages

Cleanliness is very important, especially for your pets. Keeping a pet is a lot of fun but it also needs a lot of effort. You must keep your gerbil’s cage clean at all times. On average cleaning should be undertaken once a week or at most once every two weeks. Remember that your pet gerbils will start to STINK if you neglect to clean the cage. Another thing that you must remember is that you need to increase the frequency of cleaning if you have more than one gerbil or if they are living in an aquarium.

While you are cleaning their cage make sure you place them in a secure place so that they cannot escape. You can either put them in a running ball or a playpen. Another place where you can place them temporarily is in a bathtub. However, make sure that the bathtub is dry and the plug-hole is blocked.

When cleaning, do not discard all the old bedding. Keep some and mix it up with the new one. This allows the gerbils to know that it has its own scent and they will get accustomed to it quickly. The discarded soiled bedding can be mixed with gardening manure to create fertilizer.

You should use soap and warm water to clean the cage. Make sure there is no lingering smell of soap. If there is then rinse with vinegar water soaked in towels or with moist paper towels to get rid of the smell. Dry everything afterwards. There shouldn’t be any dampness left in the cage.

Do the same with the water bottle and the food bowl if there is one. Wash, dry and put in fresh water.

Check whether you have put everything back or not. Fresh bedding mixed with a bit of the old, water, food bowl, toys and nesting material

Any residual soap is harmful to your pet gerbil so you must be careful in removing all traces of it.

DO NOT use any other wood shaving other than aspen for the bedding. The others are hazardous because of their oil content.