Common Gerbil health problems

Gerbils are normally very healthy animals and are very resistant to diseases and infections. The first thing to take into consideration is prevention: a safe place for them to live in, water and good quality food must never be absent. Some symptoms that may be a warning are an increase in the time they spend … Read more

Ten Things you need to know before Adopting a Pet Gerbil

Things you need to know about Gerbils Gerbils crave company. You should try to get two gerbils that know each other and have already lived together.  While they enjoy company, if you put two gerbils who do not know each other there can be problems. The gerbils may fight and that may lead to injuries … Read more

How to Clean a Gerbil Cage

Cleaning gerbil cages Cleanliness is very important, especially for your pets. Keeping a pet is a lot of fun but it also needs a lot of effort. You must keep your gerbil’s cage clean at all times. On average cleaning should be undertaken once a week or at most once every two weeks. Remember that … Read more

How to take care of baby Gerbils

Looking after baby gerbils There are certain rules about taking care of baby gerbils. They are mainly concerned with keeping them safe. Gerbil parents are perfectly capable of taking very good care of their babies in the initial stages. But you need to be aware and alert to certain things so that you can take … Read more

How to play with your pet Gerbil

Playing with your gerbil Everybody needs somebody and you’re not the only one. Sometimes a person finds his or her true companion not in another human being but in a pet. As the famous adage goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. However, not all of us can afford to keep a dog as … Read more