What you need to consider before you buy a Gerbil

Before getting your gerbils, you need to decide precisely what you’re looking for. How many would you like? Which colours do you want? Would you prefer a male or female? Do you intend to breed them? You will need to buy at least two Gerbils. Anyone acquiring gerbils must obtain at least two. Solitary gerbils … Read more

Where do Gerbils come from?

Wild Gerbils Gerbils are small rodents but they are not rats! They normally have white bellies and are agouti coloured.  They live in the wild in Central Asia, India, the Middle East, and Africa. They roam the savanna, steppe, hot desert and semi-desert areas of these nations. The colour of their coats ranges from a … Read more

Gerbils are social animals

Gerbils need company Gerbils are purely social animals. They love the company of other members of their species and this is reflected in their behaviour. Their most “visible” characteristic is their intense curiosity about their surroundings. Sounds and new objects attract their attention and the animal will immediately seek to understand what‘s going on. Due … Read more

What are Gerbils like as Pets?

Gerbils make great pets Gerbils are extremely popular as pets and can be a lot of fun. They are super easy to clean, take care of, and feed. If you are considering getting a Gerbil as a pet and companion, you should learn how to care for them. The size and life span of a … Read more

Understanding the body language of your gerbils

Gerbil body language As with any pet, it is important to understand your gerbil’s body language and what they mean by their various gestures. More often than not, we tend to misinterpret these subtle signals and end up doing more harm to our pet than good. So just buying another gerbil is not sufficient company for … Read more