How to Tame Gerbils

Taming gerbils The first thing you should know about gerbils is that they can be easily tamed. They don’t bite like hamsters. If you decide to buy a gerbil for your home you should buy them in pairs so that it is easier for you to help them adapt to human surroundings. Do not buy … Read more

How to Introduce Two Gerbils

Introducing gerbils In the wild gerbils form small family units. They are social creatures and hug, clean, run after, and tussle with one another. As is the case with other communal animals like wolves, there is a principal pair of gerbils that reproduce while the older progeny look after the young. As the pups reach … Read more

Why you must have at least two Gerbils

The more gerbils, the merrier they are If you are thinking about getting a gerbil as a pet, think in pairs. These creatures are very social and do not like living alone. The more, the merrier is the case here. They need other gerbils to live, nest and groom with. If you want a solitary … Read more

How to Handle a Gerbil

Handling your gerbil Before you start handling your gerbil let it first get used to your hand. You can do this by placing your hand inside their cage and just letting them sniff around it. They may occasionally lick or nibble at your fingers. You should let them do this, as gerbils hardly ever bite … Read more